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Designed for Indian market, Flipkart Shopping is a good program that allows you to share and discuss possible buy with friends. Bar interface Negro A bit, it’s that it looks really good, but that’s pretty much all I can say since there are in India, and is about as useful to me as selling in one, in case you have to wonder.

(Function () {(‘ Study-application-site-desktop ‘);}); Looks clean nice Touch Interfaceflipkart works like any other market application. You can simply move the up and down pages with scans, and it moves smoothly. The products are listed by category and can be easily searchable by any small tap or fill the search are arranged clearly, with pictures and the price displayed. Typing on one takes you to the product page, where there are other information. This includes the location of sellers, post options and the ability to make sure you deliver to your area.

Hint: Those who do not défiamment so if outside of India.

Also be warned, if you leave something in your shopping cart and discarded information turned on, wait for their emotions.

Not all smooth sailingpeut-to be the most interesting thing about Flipkart will hook social. All items you plan to buy can be shared with friends to get their point of view. Obviously they need to be in service to use it properly, although I’m not sure wont SMS your contacts to build its, because I am not in India this is trying to check, but it looks like a great addition to the usual experience of buying.

A complaint only on demand comes from some small usability problem.
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Adding terms to the search function is fiddly, requiring frequent I have cut everything from more than a customised search. It is also interesting to mention that, sometimes, the formatting on the product is rejecting the data screen in a way that will not allow you to paraded;

As if Goodif live in India and already shop with Flipkart, this app looks great. Plus, it’s good for social hooks to see digital shopping



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